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Provide AI+ scenario applications for all industries

Artwork identification

Artificial intelligence helps art collection websites to conduct image review, screen out a large number of images containing pornographic and violent content, reduce labor and reduce the labor cost and burden of the company.

Wildlife protection

Protecting and saving precious and endangered wild animals is an environment that protects human beings from survival. Our artificial intelligence automatic identification system can intelligently identify rare and endangered animal products and eliminate trade in products such as ivory.

Live video review

There are many illegal content in the live video broadcast. If you can't monitor it, it will generate bad information, and we can monitor the live video in real time and feedback the bad information source in time.

Sleep health

The artificial intelligence breathing OSAHS screening system utilizes modern signal processing methods to achieve the portable, comfortable and low-cost screening of OSAHS through user hum, and optimize the quality of sleep life of customers.

Shopping robot

This is an artificial intelligence voice interaction recommendation system that understands customers' purchase intentions and recommends products through multiple rounds of dialogue.

Fresh identification

According to the photographs taken, the fresh names in the pictures are recognized, and the reference calorie content and encyclopedia information of the raw vegetables are obtained, which can be widely applied to the dining and entertainment category and the health management APP.

Deeptk Platform

New two platforms to connect needs and services in a shared economy model

AI model crowdsourcing platform

Nowadays, the company wants to make an AI solution, including model development, which will encounter many problems, such as talent shortage and high cost. The platform mainly reduces the service price through the global talent matching and de-companyized service mode. Blockchain technology guarantees that data will not be leaked.

Data labeling crowdsourcing platform

Provide various types of data labeling services for enterprises, and crowd out the labeling tasks to customers who have free time and need to make money in the world. Through our platform for labeling tasks, the platform will control the labeling quality of the labelers in real time to ensure data labeling. The quality of the task.

Deeptk News

Wisdom and interconnection, collaboration and symbiosis, embracing data, and advancing with time

"Big Data International Conference"
Dr. Wan participated in the IEEE CONFERENCE ON BIGDATA conference at the Big Data International Conference in Seattle, USA
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“China-Korea Blockchain Exchange Forum”
Company CEO Wang Yi was invited to participate in the "China-Korea Blockchain Exchange Forum"
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"Creating youth"
Company CEO Wang Yi was invited to attend the “Creating Youth” Artificial Intelligence Youth High-end Forum
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